Having taught jazz dance at the Pop Academy prior to leaving the UK, since graduation from the Royal Academy of Dance Clare has been teaching ballet and jazz to the local community in her current home town of Sharm el Sheikh.

Some of Clare's performances:


Elephant.co.uk: Played "Trunkie" the dancing Elephant.

The Lenny Henry show Playing Mrs Overall, in the Kelis Milkshake spoof. Choreography by Nicky Hinkley.

Tiny Living Presenting the continuity links during the pre-school shedule shown every morning on the Living Channel throughout 2003 and into 2004.

Royal Mail advisory ident, featured dancer. Choreography by Aiden Treavere.

Queen's Golden Jubilee Ident for the BBC, Featured artist, choreographed by Lietze Bikke.

Tiny and Crew Playing Tam, the all singing, all dancing rag doll. A pre-school educational programme for the Living Channel. Directed by Adrian Headley. Choreography: Clare Goodman.

The Frank Skinner Show Choreographed two episodes in series two of his television chat show: namely the "Britney Spears" sketch and the "Fat boy Slim" sketch.

The Richard Blackwood show Choreographed and danced in the Ben Elton "Can Can" sketch.


Doctor Dolittle
Re-creating the role of Chee Chee on the UK tour, directed by Stephen Pimlott.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Played Issachar's wife and the Apache Girl for the Uk tour, directed by Stephen Pimlott, choreographed by Anthony Van Laast.

Souls in Motion IV Soloist in the European tour. Choreography by Anthony Van Laast, Claude Paul Henry and Stewart Arnold.

Chameleon: part of the Resolutions program performed at the Place Theatre, London. Assistant chorographer to Lynn Page (Tony nominee for La Cage aux Folles) as well as dancing in the production.

Rachel Stevens Regular supporting dancer throughout the TV promotions of her debut single LAX, choreographed by Luca Tomassini. Appearing on Top of the Pops, CDUk, Live at the Kumars…

Kylie Minogue: The Love Kylie underwear launch, as part of the Selfridges "body" season choreographed by Bunty Mathias.

Geri Halliwell: Supporting dancer on her From Russia With Love tour, choreographed by Luca Tomassini.

Tina Cousins: dancer throughout her solo promotional tour of Europe and the UK, including appearances on CDUK, Top of the Pops, Nickelodeon etc choreographed by Johnny H.

Pop Videos Include:

Sclub 7even "You're my No One" choreographed by Priscilla Samuels;

Kylie Monogue "Gimme Just a little more Time" choreographed by Venol John,

Beatz and Rhymes "My Heart Beatz" choreographed by Samantha.


Pride and Prejudice, choreographed by Jane Gibson, for Working Title Films.

Phantom of the Opera, featured Masquerade dancer. Directed by Joel Schumacker and choreographed by Peter Darling.

Finding Neverland: Clown dancer. Choreographed by Jonathan Butterall.

The Muppet Christmas Carol for Jim Henson's production company, choreographed by Pat Garrett.

Trade Shows include:

Regular dancer for choreographer: Kevan Allen Including events such as Toyota Motors promotional galas, and many other conference performances.

Roller Blader dancer for the Lord Mayor's Show 2004.

Played an acrobatic imp for Ford Transit show at the Hamburg Motor Show.

Played a young, sporty type for Nissan at the Geneva Motor Show.

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